Benjie Howard and Wade Colwell-Sandoval present the interactive, musical, multimedia (keynote / playnote) performance BORDERLESS - a compassionate and courageous vision of “creative stewardship” across intersecting societal dynamics that include race, class, identity, immigration, sexual orientation, gender, and environmental and indigenous justice. At the crossroads of hip hop and folk; the engagement weaves original song, spoken word and video storytelling together to engage audiences in a journey beyond our cramped headspace into the endless landscape of the heart. BORDERLESS is designed to encourage and empower educators and students in learning communities from K-12 to university-level as a passionate re- vision for how we can grow equity in education, how we create inspired, innovative and inclusive learning spaces, how we transform educational outcomes for our most marginalized young people, and how we all can thrive (rather than simply survive) in the 21st century. At its core, BORDERLESS is about how we heal our relationships across our many differences, how we overcome the myth of separation between ourselves and the natural world, and how we revitalize a soulful commons.

music AT THE heart

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